These are just some of our inspiring Man Enough men sharing their stories and having the courage to speak. If you are a man interested in getting involved to better your own life, your families and your mates - register below. This movement is judgement free and saves lives.

Man Enough is an action over awareness movement, based around tool development and resourcefulness in order to overcome lifes challenges. 

Julian Pace, founder of Happiness Co and creator of the Man Enough movement, has more reason than most to be unhappy. Julian lost his father, his best friend and a cousin to suicide within the three short years following his 21st birthday. Julian’s own mental and emotional health plummeted after these losses and he became increasingly shut off and isolated the years following.

One day Julian decided to speak up and say he was not okay. This life changing action is the moment he now refers to as being “Man Enough”.

Over the next few years Julian used the support of close friends, family and a self-help approach to build tools to better his life. Despite the tragic events, he became a professional speaker with a mission to help other people turn their lives around.

Julian’s mental health journey led to building the social enterprise, Happiness Co, which is based on teaching the same personal development tools he adopted. Julian is now leading the way with a key message being ‘Man Enough’, encouraging men to open up, seek support and work on their self-development.
3 simple steps 

Over the past 2 years we have been working with men from all walks of life. The positive impact made in our programs and strategic solutions based approaches has been incredible.  The time for ACTION is now, awareness sets the foundation for action and Man Enough brings that action to the equation. 

Males require a unique set of tactics, strategies and communication methods in order to be impacted. Our lived experience, combined with relatable and practical tools, set a proven platform for pre-emptive approaches to mental health amongst Australian men.


Taking action with our Man Enough movement means suicide prevention actually takes place.  A direct approach that takes stories, experiences and more importantly, tools to give men a path forward through their unhappiness. 

The LIFE award for suicide prevention was awarded to Happiness Co and Man Enough in 2018 for the work our organisation has undertaken to create places where men feel vulnerability is powerful and sharing sadness can create strength. 

This movement is not purely focused on men who are idealising suicide or those who are at breaking point; it is a movement that works hard to improve the daily lives of men involved. 

When people struggle in their everyday happiness, Happiness Co has built a platform that they can be comfortable to turn to. Man Enough simply takes that platform and aims it directly at men by ensuring they know they’re just as loved and cared for as any other person. 

By improving the way men view happiness and vulnerability, we can make a fundamental difference to the way they view times of unhappiness and sadness.  Ultimately saving lives by showing men that they are not alone in their thoughts.


Globally, the rate of suicide is alarmingly high, particularly in men. Around the world, on average we lose a man to suicide every minute of every day. Three out of four suicides are men. Too many are toughing it out and struggling alone.


The causes of suicide are complex. There’s no single reason why men take their own lives, but we do know that by improving overall mental health and happiness, we can reduce the risk of suicide. 

We have built Man Enough as an "action over awareness" movement to impact men in a relatable and practical way. Taking action at a community level to find solutions that work for all types of men.
This is for you if you're looking to
-  Beat that inner voice telling you that you need to do more to be secure and accepted   
 - Take off the mask and let the authentic version of you be present   
 - Learn to master your energy in all environments (work, play, home, family)
 - Do more than check off societal boxes (house, car, degrees, money, dog, kids, picket fence) 
 - Stop exploding or completely shutting down when things get stressful
- Be apart of a brotherhood, a group of men that will truly have your back and create lasting friendships
- Gain clarity and purpose
- Redefine manhood and success on your terms
- Leave procrastination behind, be held ACCOUNTABLE and get shit done
- Be bigger than your dick (discipline)
- Stop suppressing and truly FEEL (we’ve been taught if it hurts, hide it)
- Learn to be with dark emotion and your past wounds (from childhood and beyond)
How we are doing it...
Social Movement
Happiness Co already has over 120k facebook followers, added to our team of 100 men flooding their social media with their own stories: we are in a position to create a movement of epic proportions and use Man Enough to tilt the view of what being a man means. especially to the age bracket that is most at risk.
Live Events
Keynote addresses and workshops held by Happiness Co with a range of amazing speaking ambassadors. These speakers all have their own mental health story, but also the tools to help others. These events will be used to educate attendees on the Man Enough values around self awareness. responsibility and the solutions they can use to help themselves and their friends through challenges
Online Programs
Online programs will be used to provide tools involving self-development, gratitude and managing emotions. 
These programs are participated in by the individual. The Happiness Co mantra of 'Together We Can' ensures these programs are places that men are able to form real and open connections with other men who are at similar stages in their life journey.


At Happiness Co we are proud of our  achievements. In addition to being Australia’s first designated happiness company, we have now made an impact on over 50,000 people and we do not plan on stopping there!
Happiness Co is a social movement,  a brand to meet the needs of people and encourage self worth. Happiness Co provides a unique training platform  in the way we inspire people every day to help them to become happy, empowered and to find the best version of themselves in the process.
Calling all Men & Women!
Happiness Co are launching the Man Enough Movement in style and we would like to invite all of you to the 'Man Enough Cocktail Gala'.

Tickets include:
⚡️Amazing cocktail style food
⚡️5 hour drinks Package
⚡️Awesome world-class entertainment with DJ Shann from Streamline Entertainment on the decks, spinning some serious tunes
⚡️Party and celebrate till 12
Grab your crew and get ready.

The idea that strong and silent means alluring and powerful - is long gone...

It’s time to be MAN ENOUGH and be brave enough to talk when there’s a man down.

Are you man enough to talk mental health and unhappiness? Man enough to cry, to be vulnerable and to speak up?

There’s never been a better time to lend an ear- and learn to hear - The only thing you should be bottling up is that beer.

Keep the date, bring your partners, bring your mates and bring your family to join us for the Man Enough Cocktail Gala for amazing entertainment, an inspiring evening and a heap of fun.
Keep a look out for updates for this amazing night.
Join the “Man Enough” movement
Happiness Co is proud to present Man Enough, the first movement of its kind.  Man Enough is comprised of three aspects: a social movement, live events (keynote addresses and workshops) and online personal challenges, that encourage men to engage in awareness exercises and develop tools that will help them through life's challenges.

Man Enough has created a real, relatable environment for men and it's making a HUGE DIFFERENCE. Our Man Enough movement is all about the real life problems and concerns that everyday men face.

Man Enough will create a new awareness of what a real man 'looks like'. It is about men understanding the true strength in vulnerability. Being ‘man enough’ is being able to be open, to be vulnerable, to share, to cry and to seek help.

This Gala Cocktail event is the official launch to Happiness Co’s year long Man Enough Movement that will, not only change so many men’s lives, but save them.

All proceeds from the night will be going directly into the Man Enough Movement to increase the number of lives changed and ultimately saved.
Man Enough thanks the Australian Horizons Foundation for their funding assistance